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Planetary Gear Boxes PM type

are used for direct drives of truck mounted concrete mixers with the drum capacity from 6 to 15m3.Drum is directly mounted to the driving flange of the gear box which is transmitting torque moment from hydraulic motor and supports its front part. Gear boxes PM are available with water pump drive, or without water pump drive.

Variable displacement axial-piston pumps from 33 cc/rev to 333cc/rev , pressure 350 bar max rating in swashplate design are intended for hydraulic actuators combined of pump and motor, operating in closed circuit systems. Operate in stroke of mobile machines - harvesters, concrete mixers, paving compactors and other. APV axial-piston pumps are easily controlled and relatively compact. Pump flow is directly proportional to the cylinder block speed and displacement varied with the swashplate positioning. When the control handle is released, the swashplate returns to its initial position, and the flow to its zero.

Fixed displacement axial-piston motors in swashplate design operate in closed circuit systems.

Shaft speed is directly proportional to the amount of flow. Output rotating torque is directly proportional to the pressure differential in pressure lines. The direction of rotation bears a relationship to the work ports A or B when pressurized. AM axial-piston motors are relatively compact. The design provides modular mounting of control valves.

Bent axis pumps and motors

Fixed displacement bent axis axial-piston pumps and motors are implied in hydraulic systems to transform the mechanical power of the the drive shaft into the hydraulic power or vice-versa. Pump flow is proportional to rotation speed and displacement. Pumps operate in open and closed curcuit systems. The pumps are equipped with splines shafts, and can be of left or right rotation.

Internal moving parts like piston, barrel, swash plate, valve plate thrust plate, slipper retainer for carrying out complete overhaul of the pumps and motors.

Valve plate


Testing of complete pumps

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